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STS 'ALVIS', Tula - production of various brands of caprolon (block polyamide-6) in any kind: bushing, block, rod, sheet, plate, wheel

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Technology of STS Alvis, Ltd. provides absence castings considerable internal tension in artikles of caprolon.

Using temperature is from -60 up to +160C.


Caprolon rectangular cross section:

Caprolon sheets, plates, blocks

Caprolon circular section:

Caprolon rods, circles,
blanks for bushings, pipes

Vast color scale!

The real price of the order specify at our managers, please.

Discounts to regular customers and wholesale buyers!

Address: Oktyabrskaja str., 48, Tula, 300002, Russia. Tel/fax: +7 (4872) 34-57-56.
E-mail: alvis@kaprolon-alvis.ru Web: www.kaprolon-alvis.ru



 Caprolon rods, circles,
blanks for bushings, pipes

 Caprolon sheets, plates, blocks


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