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STS 'ALVIS', Tula - production of various brands of caprolon (polyamide-6 block) in any kind: bushing, block, rod, sheet, plate, wheel

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The minimal order for export - 100 kg!


Sheets, plates - base brand:

  thickness 15 mm and more - 340-430 rub/kg.

Rods, circles - base brand:

  diameter 180 mm and more - 340 rub/kg;
  others diameters - ask price at our managers.

Blanks for bushing - base brand:

  from 2,5 to 20 kg/pieces - 650-360 rub/kg;
  diameter more 1000 mm - 400 rub/kg.

Brands of caprolon:

  Brand "" - +50 rub/kg to base brand.

  Plumbagofilled ("-42") - +30 rub/kg to base brand.

  With antistatic properties - +60÷200 rub/kg to base brand.

  With a molybdenum disulfide - +70÷90 rub/kg to base brand
  depending on brand filled.

  Glassfilled caprolon - +80÷110 rub/kg to base brand
  depending on brand filled.


*Prices for products is flexible, they depend from geometry of preparation, brands of a caprolon, a filler, color, volume and urgency of the order!
The prices are specified as of January, 2014.

The real price of the order specify at our managers, please.

Discounts to regular customers and wholesale buyers!

Address: Oktyabrskaja str., 48, Tula, 300002, Russia. Tel/fax: +7 (4872) 34-57-56.
E-mail: alvis@kaprolon-alvis.ru Web: www.kaprolon-alvis.ru



 Caprolon rods, circles,
blanks for bushings, pipes

 Caprolon sheets, plates, blocks

 Wheels for railway crack detector trolleys


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