STS 'ALVIS', Tula - production of various brands of caprolon (polyamide 6 block, PA 6) in any kind: bushing, block, rod, sheet, plate, wheel  
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  Material - caprolon pure, filled with molybdenum disulfide, glassfilled, plumbagofilled, etc.
hemically proof and wearproof, vibration-absorbing polymer material.
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 1. Thin-walled pipes for technological pipelines.
Thickness of a wall from 5 mm, diameter up to 250 mm, length of 1000-1200 mm.
Pipes from caprolon (polyamide-6 block) possess the raised wear resistance and are intended for pump over mediums with the high maintenance of a solid phase (air-operated and hydrotransport in the mining, chemical, metallurgical industries).
Also are successfully used as wearproof environments of conveyors (mechanical engineering), protective cases of devices (geological prospecting).

 2. Caprolon blanks of type glass:
    ) external diameter 84 mm; internal diameter 76 mm;
    ) external diameter 160 mm; internal diameter 120, 130, 140 mm.

 3. Caprolon blank of type bowl for tumbling mill.

 4. PA-6 block wheel of vacuum pump rotor.

 5. Blank of stern bushing from caprolon
Dmax=530 mm, H=500 mm.
This polymer perfectly work in sea water.
We have wide experience of production of bushing blanks of various standard sizes for repair of river and sea courts.

 6. Flange from PA 6 block.

 7.  Shockproof caprolon cross-arm for wood trunks conveyor.

 8. Wearproof caprolon scrapers for conveyor belt and feed chain including -200, -320, -450, -600.

 9. Water-ring vacuum pump for aspiration of aggressive steams and gases. All details of flowing part of pump "-1" made from caprolon (polyamide-6 block).

 10. Bush from caprolon.

 11. Wheels for railway crack detector trolleys from wearproof constructional material - caprolon.

 12. Strong caprolon wheels for handling dollies, cars: with the variable coefficient of elasticity on the radius (noiseless run), various kind and sizes .
Indispensable in the places polluted by mineral oils (oils, kerosene, gasoline, etc.).
Production wheels under drafts of the customer is possible.

 13. Bush from caprolon for textile industry.

 14. Laboratory test tube support from chemically proof material - caprolon.

 15. Blockouts for manufacturing of a hollow brick.

 16. The portable drum for a cable is executed from insulating material - polyamide-6 block (caprolon).

 17. Plates for chopping (boning) tables for fish-processing, meat-processing:
 - caprolon plate 20400800 mm;
 - caprolon plate 20600800 mm.

 18. Chopping (boning) boards for fish-processing, meat-processing:
 - caprolon plate 10400800 mm;
 - caprolon plate 276501050 mm.

  The price for products is contractual.

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